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[Pre-order : 1/2 pm 8:00~] 'Snow Rabbit Annie' & 'Painting Dolls'

: 2020.12.30 (09:31)
: 199


We start preordering Snow Rabbit Annie and Painting Dolls on January 2, 2021 at 8 pm in Korean time.

If the quantity we can work for is full, it can be the deadline.

 'Snow rabbit Annie'

+ Product Details +

Annie doll / Rabbit cape / Blouse / Pumpkin pants / Watch decoration / 

Foots warmers / Certificate / Default box 

$ 315.00 (EMS Cost Separate)

* The exchange rate has changed the selling price.

 'Painting dolls' 

(Please tell me the number of the doll you want to preorder.)

+ Product Details +

Doll with simply underwear / Certificate / Default box

(* Clothes are not included.) 

$ 190.00 (EMS Cost Separate)

* The exchange rate has changed the selling price.

★ Pre-Order Shipment date : February 25, 2021.

(May change if order quantity is high.)

※ I try to draw doll makeup as similar as possible.

But the doll's makeup is hand-drwn, so each doll's face can be different.

Please order after careful consideration.

PVC dolls have process damage in their body due to their production characteristics.

(point, bubble, scratch, over dam, uneven surface, loose between parts, etc.)

If you are sensitive to damage or lack understanding of the nature of hand painting,

I don't recommend you to purchase.


The costumes are made of sewing machines and hand sewing. 

Sewing intervals may not be constant, or there may be object differences.

Object differences exist because knitting is also done by hand.


※ If you want to make a purchase (pre-order), please fill out the below and send us an email.

- Name (English) :

- Address (English) :

- Country : 

- Postal code : 

- Phone number : 

- A doll you want to pre-order : 

E-mail : littlesweetdoll@naver.com